Performance, Motivation, and Practice:

Key ingredients in the science of musical excellence.

Optimal Music Performance conducts music performance science research.
Learn how to perform better, enjoy and get more out of your music study by participating in our research.

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Practice can be lonely, challenging, and hard work. Rarely do we learn how to do it well.

Optimal Music Performance is finding out how to make practice:

  • More beneficial
  • More enjoyable
  • More systematic
  • Better quality


OMP focuses on musicians at the highest levels of study—in music performance studies at universities, conservatoires, and colleges of music.
Students in these institutions have a range of goals and ambitions—to be internationally renowned performing artists, music educators in schools and studios, or recording artists.

They have one thing in common: A focus on excellence in music performance.


The relationship with a teacher is a very important one. OMP aims to:

  • Understand what happens in the studio
  • Learn about the best teaching practices
  • Understand the relationship between students and their teachers
  • Help all teachers to improve their own practice


We use theoretical and practical frameworks from

  • Music
  • Performance Science
  • Educational Psychology
  • Sports Psychology


This project is supported by an Australian Research Council under the Discovery Projects scheme (DP150103330) and by the following institutions: