Motivation, Practice, and Performance: A Longitudinal Study

Major questions still exist around some of the most important scientific findings related to skill acquisition, practice quality, and motivation. This major longitudinal survey seeks to address some of these issues and provide practical recommendations for musicians and teachers.

Sites UNSW Australia (S1-2 2016)
Melbourne Conservatorium (S1-2 2016)
Jacobs School of Music at IU (Fall 16—Spring 17)
Royal College of Music, London (Autumn 16—Spring 17)

Practice Microanalysis

Key Research Question: What are the cognitive and metacognitive processes associated with the best practice strategies, and how can these be used to improve the quality and efficiency of music practice?

Sites UNSW Australia (2015 S1 and S2)
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (2015 S1 and S2)
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Teacher–Student Interactions in Studio Lessons

Do teachers mainly provide instruction during lessons, or do they focus on modeling? Do they ask questions of students, or provide answers? Does any of this make a difference?  This study aims to understand the relationship between teachers and students, and to help teachers and students identify characteristics of good lessons.

Sites UNSW Australia (S2 2015)
Melbourne Conservatorium (S2 2015)
Jacobs School of Music at IU (Coming soon)
Royal College of Music, London (Coming soon)
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Practice: Quality, Quantity, and Motivation (Pilot)

Motivation and practice quality are closely connected. This study helps us to understand optimal motivational orientations to practice and performance.

Sites UNSW Australia (S2 2015)
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (S2 2015)
Other sites by invitation
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